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3Some pres. Curses - Dancetería x Playground x Play Pal Music -

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Playground Records, Play Pal Music and Dancetería unite for the first time to answer the call of electronic music’s most important week in the city of Barcelona and what a better way to do it than with a special guest as Curses.

Berlin-based artist from New York whose great productions pile up in labels such as Throne of Blood Records, Bordello A Parigi, Roam Recordings, Blindetonation Records or Relish, just to name a few. Owner of a unique and recognizable-at-once style, with « 80’s italo-disco » influence, « new wave » or « post punk », who's taking the collective/label Ombra International to be one of the most respected labels on the scene.

To complete the line up, we will count with Teniente Castillo from Play Pal Music, Luis Costa from Dancetería and the three owners and founders of Playground Records, Martin Noise, KuNdE and Moses.

Be there or be square


Playground Records, Play Pal Music y Dancetería nos unimos por primera vez en la semana más importante para la música electrónica de la ciudad condal y qué mejor manera de hacerlo que con un invitado tan especial como Curses.

Italo-americano oriundo de New York con base en Berlin, cuyas producciones se agolpan en sellos como Throne of Bloods Rec., Bordello A Parigi, Roam Recordings, Blindetonation Rec. o Relish, por nombrar solo algunos. Dueño de un estilo único y reconocible al instante, con influencias del 'Italo-disco' de los 80', 'New Wave' o 'Post Punk', y que está llevando al colectivo/sello Ombra International a convertirse en uno de los mas respetados de la escena.

Para completar el line up contaremos con Teniente Castillo por parte de Play Pal Music, Luis Costa or Danceteria y los tres capos de Playground Records, Martin Noise, Kunde y Moses.

Be there or be square


▓ Curses (Ombra International / Throne of Blood Records)

▓ Teniente Castillo (Play Pal Music)

▓ Luis Costa (Dancetería)

▓ Martin Noise (Playground Records)

▓ KuNdE (Playground Records)

▓ MOSES (Playground Records)

Artwork by Vic Zeta

Plaça Reial 7, Barcelona


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