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All Day I Dream returns to Off Week, Barcelona, after another landmark year spent (gently) rocking daytime events across the globe. Lee Burridge and several of his familial crew of emotive musical sorcerers are set to write yet another beautiful chapter of their musical story when they return to La Terrrazza.

Last year’s events took them from Miami to Montreal. Dubai to Detroit. Brooklyn to Brazil and beyond. Perfectly encapsulating daytime partying that journey's from day into dusk and continues to lead the way that many others that now follow. Each event's ambience is created by distinctive structural art, floating materials, flowers and lanterns that surround you while the grooves and beautiful melodies the music evokes set's free the warm and positive experiences All Day I Dream is renowned for. Afternoon escapism at it's best populated by beaming smiles and closed eyes.

The All Day I Dream label continues to support newly discovered artists as well as their familiar family members. Recent releases include PHCK’s Elephants, Zone+’s Baia, Sébastien Léger’s Lost Miracle and Roy Rosenfeld's When We Were Innocent and, up next, Rebelski’s Paper Tree EP. The label continues to cultivate and inspire the more emotive edges of each talented producers range.




Friday June 15th 2018
LaTerrrazza Barcelona
Poble Espanyol
08038 Barcelona, Spain


Lee Burridge

Lost Desert

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski

Öona Dahl



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