Amber Valley Open Mic & Jam w/ Jessica Wonders - Belchica

Each week, before open mic begins, we introduce you to a musical act who will warm up for the night ahead. Following this, the stage is open to the room for people to perform, jam and push the night in the direction of their choosing. Alongside this, we host exhibitions of artists' work from around the city - our current feature being Rocio Soriano's (@roandroll) illustration collection.

We like to do our best to approach music with a healthy combination of humility, skill and communication at our jam sessions and open mic nights. The nature of an open stage is that sometimes uncomfortable or new performers are let loose on a discerning crowd. Our approach to this is to advise, support and nurture those individuals in order to try and get the best out of them, ensuring everybody gets a chance to play and leaves the stage feeling like they’ve taken a step forward. Whether you’re a singer who needs backing up by a guitarist; an awkward jammer who would like to see the chords written in front of them; or a wayward guitarist needing a beat or some vocals to tie your twanging together, we’re here to support your growth and grow with you.

Host: Michael O´Connell (@GringoTzarr)

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