Barcelona, Spain Celebrity Constellation July 21-28 - Barcelone, Spain

Board the Celebrity Constellation® in Barcelona, Spain, and set sail for a 7-night cruise along the coast of Southern Europe — along the way, you’ll stop in delightful ports of call in France, Croatia and Montenegro.

After embarking on your voyage, set your sights on Cannes, France. Walk along the Croisette promenade and discover how the city balances the charms of the Old-World French Riviera with modern-day life. If you’re feeling lucky, venture along the coast to Monte Carlo and try your hand at one of the city’s famous casinos. Continue your journey to Porto Antico near Genoa, Italy. This lively port town has a long nautical history. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see seafood restaurants and museums against the backdrop of the great city of Genoa. Head next to Civitavecchia, your gateway to the eternal city of Rome — there, you can take in many of Rome’s historic sculptures and architectural feats.

Spend a relaxing day at sea and get the most out of the ship’s variety of activities before arriving in your next adventure-filled port city. At Kotor, Montenegro, a well-preserved medieval town on the Adriatic coast, discover architecture dating back to the 9th century. The next day, head to Zadar, Croatia, the oldest continually inhabited city in Croatia. Historical monuments include the 9th-century Church of St. Donatus, Zadar Cathedral — also known as Cathedral of St. Anastasia — and the Gold and Silver of Zadar museum. From there, sail to your last port, Venice, Italy, and disembark.

What we love:
• Barcelona is a seaside town known for its vibrant Catalan culture and the unmistakable architecture of Antoni Gaudi, including Sagrada Familia.
• Cannes is perhaps best known for the prestigious international film festival it hosts each year in May.
• Tour major landmarks in Kotor, such as St. Tryphon’s Cathedral or the Collegiate Church of St. Mary Youghal before exploring the fortified town’s walls or the Maritime Museum of Montenegro.
• Onboard entertainment includes mini golf and bocce at the Lawn Club, plus activities for the whole family at the Fun Factory.

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