Barcelona, Spain Celebrity Eclipse October 5-17 - Barcelone, Spain

Set sail from Barcelona aboard the Celebrity Eclipse® to revel in an unforgettable, 12-night Western Mediterranean cruise to ports in Spain, Italy and France. Begin your voyage in Barcelona, Spain, known for its vibrant Catalan culture and the unmistakable architecture of Antoni Gaudi, including Sagrada Familia. Spend the following day in Valencia, Spain — a city on the Iberian Peninsula boasting a long, multicultural history. At the next port, you can explore the historic town of Alicante, Spain, which is home to ancient monuments, including the 16th-century Castle of Santa Barbara, along with its modern shopping and beach activities.

The next morning, reach the coast of Gibraltar, a British territory on Spain’s southern coast. This strategically placed peninsula features memorable natural highlights, from the majestic St. Michael’s Cave and its Cathedral Cave to the almost legendary Rock of Gibraltar — a promontory of limestone featured in stories ranging from the Pillars of Hercules to writings of Dante. Create your own story in this famed region before continuing to Malaga, Spain. This city resides on the Costa del Sol of Spain, a sunny paradise. Visit the striking 16th century Catedral de Malaga or stop at the Museo Picasso Malaga to admire impressive works of art.

Spend a relaxing day at sea and enjoy your favorite onboard activities. Reach the coast of France to set foot in the beautiful port city of Marseille. Like other gems in the Provence region, Marseille offers sweeping views of the southern French coastline. The city is also home to Europe’s largest suburban park, the Calanques National Park. You’ll dock next in Nice, France, where its allure certainly hasn’t dimmed since Henri Matisse raved about the special quality of light showcased daily in the town along the Mediterranean coast (and captured it in his masterful brushstrokes). Use this time to explore the beauty of the French Riviera, which draws large numbers of artists and writers each year.

Journey from France and stop in Livorno, Italy, ideal for trips to nearby Pisa — site of the famous Leaning Tower — followed by Florence, Italy, considered the birthplace of the Renaissance. Continue to the eternal city of Rome, renowned for its historic sculptures, artworks and architectural feats, including the Colosseum, the Pantheon and all the marvels of Vatican City. Your next stop is in Naples, Italy — known as one of the world’s oldest inhabited regions, dating back to the Bronze Age. Explore its many historic churches, art museums and archaeological museums to experience the Naples of today. From there, spend another day at sea before you return to Barcelona, Spain, and disembark.

What we love:
• Florence is home to Brunelleschi’s Duomo, Michelangelo’s “David” and thousands of other masterworks in the Uffizi Gallery.
• France’s second-largest city, Marseilles, has 2 renowned cathedrals: La Vieille Major and La Nouvelle Major.
• Don’t miss the Gothic Valencia Cathedral — its Chapel of the Holy Grail is rumored to hold the actual Holy Grail, dated around 100 A.D. by historians and described one of the most likely candidates to be the chalice used at the Last Supper.
• Onboard entertainment includes mini golf and bocce at the Lawn Club, plus activities for the whole family at the Fun Factory.

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