Barcelona Spring 2018 (Free Drinks, Dinner, Parties) AASHI - Barcelona Nights

Free Entrance to All the Best Clubs of Barcelona Every night with #AashiList
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Hello Everyone, Welcome to Barcelona Study Abroad Spring 2018 with AASHI Guest List to have the Best Time of your life =)

Check out this video from last semester:
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AASHI Guest List Introduction
AASHI Guest List is The most well known guest list in Top Clubs of Barcelona. Also AASHI has reached its highest score of over 5000+ Guests on his LIST during the week of Halloween and broke the record in the history of Nightlife of Barcelona. No one has reached such a high amount so far !!

It's very simple, You just need to say " Aashi List " at the door to get in Free & absolutely nothing else.

#REVIEWS about AASHI Guest List
AASHI Guest List is the name of the game !!
Check out some of the review from current and previous study abroad experiences with AASHI Guest List

For All Welcome Dinners, Pregames & Parties Events

AASHI Guest List invites you to Plan a Birthday Party for you or your friends. Surprise your friends on this special day !! Contact : AASHI

I offer
- A birthday cake.
- Celebrations in VIP with Birthday Perks (Free of cost)
Models, Bottles & Sparklers

Looking forward to see all of you in Barcelona very Sooooon !!

With Best Wishes,

AASHI " Your Party Nurse in Barcelona "
Aashi List & Barcelona Nights
Add: Whatsapp/Call/SMS : +34 677 211 048

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