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The Kedge International Summer School offers Bachelor and Master students from around the globe an extraordinary portfolio of high-quality academic programmes on the coasts of Southern France!



Level : Advanced Bachelor & Master's degree
10 ECTS - 60 hours
Degree : Certificate & Official Transcripts
Language : English

Course 1 : French value creation and brand management in wine & spirits
6 hrs per day over 1 week; from July 2-6

Course 2 : Innovation management and digital applications
6 hrs per day over 1 week; from July 9-13

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Each package includes 2 courses (10 ECTS credits*), each with a unique mix of Business and Management courses alongside social activities, cultural trips and company visits every week. All courses are delivered in English by top-notch international faculty from around the world.

The unique aspect of the KEDGE Summer School is the ability for students to either follow a set package, or Mix & Match courses from different packages to create a personalised ‘hybrid’ program to suit their individual needs, timing and budget.

Follow just 1 course on one KEDGE campus, or take a Tour de France and follow as many as 6 total courses (30 ECTS credits!) across our different campuses – and transfer those credits back to your home institution with one centralised transcript!

Classes are scheduled from Monday - Thursday, with business trips or social activities planned every Friday - leaving plenty of time to explore the surrounding region, or organise weekend trips in France or to other European cities and make the most of a summer abroad.

Student volunteers also organise a complete program of optional extra visits to give our international guests an insider’s look at life in France – by day and night!

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Bordeaux, France, voted the most attractive city in the world by the Los Angeles Times and Lonely Planet in 2017, is renowned for its fine wine and knowledge of luxury. We’ll take a closer look at the crossroads between traditional expertise and standards of excellence as they intersect with the concepts of brand management and experiential marketing.

Thanks to its location on the Atlantic coast and with an excellent level of infrastructure (now just 2 hours from Paris by high-speed rail!), Bordeaux is a hub for many multinational companies, making it a logical choice for a closer look at innovations in Supply Chain Management & Design.

Our Bordeaux programme runs for a total of 6 weeks. You can take just 1 course or as many as 6 total courses during that time – or mix & match courses from different packages, either in Bordeaux from another Kedge campus!

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