■ checkpointmusicart OFF WEEK June 2018 - Barcelone, Spain

■ checkpointmusicart - June 2017
4 LOCATIONS DAY & Night program / Limited capacity locations
☞ tickets wednesday opening :


■ checkpoint meets O300f Recordings at Backyard Barcelona Villa
☞ time : 07:00 pm - 05:00 am
☞ location: Backyard Barcelona Carrer d'Angli 69, 08017 Barcelona, Spain

■ checkpoint Rooftop meets Eightsquare at Port Forum
☞ time : 10:00 am - 12:00 pm (midnight)
☞ location : Port Forvm Barcelona

■ Floatingpoint Boat Cruise meets MEOKO at Port Forum
☞ time : 00:00 am - 06:00 am
☞ location : Floatingpoint

- FRIDAY 15th, SATURDAY 16th, SUNDAY 17th
■ meetingpoint gallery - June edition 2018
☞ time : 03:00pm - 11:00pm ( every day same time )
☞ location: Espai Txema Bio-Built

Barcelona based movement since 2013 focus in create an avant-garde Art and Music community. Meetingpoint Gallery was born to expose upcycle crafts, exhibition and workshop, learning platform where share a great multiplicity of visions about different genres.
We promote the continuous development of local and international artist with different disciplines in an emblematic space. Values related to recycling and bio-construction in a socially and culturally atmosphere acoustically set.

☞ location 1 : Backyard Barcelona - wednesday 13th
The villa is located in the city of Barcelona , near the metro station Sarria and close to Tibidabo mountain, unique location with 2 areas #livingroom and #backyard surrounded by a pool garden terrace and more hidden spots inside the house. limited online access tickets.

☞ location 2 : #ROOFTOP PORT FORUM - Thursday 14th
Starting from the MORNING and located in front of the sea, perfect open air space to enjoy the whole Thursday 14th

☞ location Floatingpoint PORT FORUM 14th
5h Boat Cruise with 2 floors, terrace and inside, both powered with Void Sound System

☞ location 4 : #EspaiTxemaBioBuilt
Friday 16th, Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th
The space is located on the site of carrer Montalegre 4, next to the MACBA Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona in the heart of Raval and city center.

BioBui(L)t - Espai Txema is one of the winning projects Pla de BUITs contest sponsored by the Council of Barcelona city in 2013.

Small building built with materials / recycled, compostable and / or reusable.
It is a project that aims to involve citizens in a process of continuous learning.
BioBui (L) t is a space to work, training, information and experience of good practices of self-management of public space, use of healthy and natural materials, innovation and creativity applied to processes and products, training of technicians and citizens in concrete solutions for improving welfare, reflection and debate on tools and examples of social organization.
It is a meeting and open experiences and collective experiences to promote the common good exchange.
BioBui (L) t - Espai Txema will accommodate promoted by the BAM Bioarquitectura Mediterranean partnership and associations, organizations and individuals who have offered time collaboration / tools to carry out its construction activities.


Art concept by ◦ www.checkpointmusicart.com
Light/scenery installation by the sculptor Daniel Marazuela Prada. www.danielmarazuelaprada.com

illustration by @flatmatestudio & Xaxe Design

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