Frank: Everyone has a Story - Associació Espai Poe - Tic

A brand social storytelling sensation: FRANK.

One Sunday every month, we'll bring you beautiful truthful stories told by the people who experienced them, in the welcoming and supportive space of Espai Poe(tic).

Whether romance, comedy or tragedy, we'll be hosting storytelling nights that you can't miss. Everyone has a story. What's yours?

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It is obligatory to be a member to be in the club and to enjoy all the association activities.
2018 Partner Fee: € 2

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1 OPEN MIC POE(Tic) con Dani Orviz
Le - De 21h00 à 23h00

2 1ª Charla Conspiranoica: ¿Illuminati?
Le - De 21h00 à 23h00

2 Fiesta del Orgullo Fricky
Du au - De 23h00 à 01h00

1 Cuando nace un tanguista
Le - De 18h00 à 19h00

2 Vermuts musicales: Gabriel Gorce
Le - De 12h00 à 14h00

2 Sing a Poe!!!! Grease
Du au - De 21h00 à 00h00

1 Poejazz
Le - De 19h00 à 20h00
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