Full OFF love Pt. 3 (Melliflow & Cartulis music) - Sala Upload Barcelona

full OFF love

- From our hearts to yours-

In summer of 2018 Melliflow and Cartulis gather to celebrate Barcelona’s OFF week with three events in three different locations. From these events will emerge a compilation, a sonic souvenir, with tracks by And.rea, Dan Piu, Fede Lijtmaer, Unai Trotti and Z@p. It will be exclusively sold at the ‘full OFF love’ events and can be preordered in combination with the tickets for the event.

Curated by the united music minds of Melliflow & Cartulis Music

- Special Guest

- Maayan Nidam (live)

- Alexandra

- Unai Trotti
(Cartulis Music, Toi Toi Musik)

Sala Upload // Barcelona 2018
Sunday, 17.06.18 from 00:00 am - 6:00 am

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