Pacha Sábado - Night Squad - Lista ISAAC - Pacha Barcelona

Los sábados nos vemos en ???? Pacha Barcelona con la fiesta Night Squad, la mejor de la semana.

↪ Entraremos sin cola Gratis a la 1.00h desde el Meeting point (enfrente de Pacha)
↪ Pasaremos a un VIP que tenemos para los de LISTA ISAAC, chicos y chicas, todo gratis.

???? Apúntate en este evento con tus acompañantes y nos vemos en el Meeting Point enfrente de Pacha antes de la 1.00h.
Dime por WhatsApp al +34697485000 y te paso la localización exacta.

???? Sala 1: Pachangueo 70%, House y R&B 30%
???? Sala RedRoom pequeña: Hits 80-90-2000-2010

⬛⬛⬛⬛ ENGLISH ⬛⬛⬛⬛

All saturdays at Pacha ???? we' ve got the main party of the week: Nightsquad!

We will meet at the meeting point (in front of Pacha) and we will get inside for free and without making any cue!
↪ We have got our own VIP zone, for guys and girls, and for free of course

Put your name on the event and the number of friends you are coming with, and wee see each other at the meeting point before 1:00h!
Ask me on Whatsapp about the exact location of the meeting point!

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