Tekashi69 in Barcelona — Cancelled - Razzmatazz

Booking Machine presents: Tekashi69 (USA)

The most outrageous and provocative, gifted and attractive young hip-hop character is coming to Europe to bring raw punk
power together with strong vibes and unique anarchy-rap energy.

Tickets are available now on:
— tekashi69tour.com/barcelona/
— notikumi.com/2018/4/17/concierto-de-tekashi69-en-barcelona

#tekashi69 #6ix9ine #DAY69 #gummo #cloudrap #bookingmachine

⚠️ We do not advise you to buy second-hand tickets!

Buying tickets from another person will not guarantee your entrance to the concert. Please use the official ticket platforms — links are above. Do not support the scammers.

We will ban for any messages about buying/selling tickets.

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