The Musicologists x Isolated label - Groove Circus & Gipsy Clark + Jerome - Absenta Del Raval

Isolated Record Label Presenta a uno de sus productores/DJ Provenientes de Argentina, con sangre Francesa y un estilo musical que ya fue editado en sellos como Astelaguel,Suro record, vegetal vigilance y con nuestra Familia isolated, en un tour por Barcelona con varias presentaciones y una de ellas en el mas guapo basement de Barcelona Absenta del Raval en el ciclo musical The Musicologists

Domingo 14.01 THE MUSICOLOGISTS x Isolated Record Label and Old School BCN Pres.

Gipsy Clark (Old School)

Jerome (T Vinyl )

Groove Circus (Isolated Label)

Franco-Argentine DJ/Producer/Remixer living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Huge music fan since an early age, and influenced by many different artists and genres, he turns his focus to electronic music, starting of as a DJ, and then, adventuring into musical production, finding comfort within Micro House, Deep House, Dub Techno and Techno.
His sets usually cover all of these genres, always with lots of groove, guiding the audience through a journey of atmospheres that demonstrate his fine music selection.
His career has taken him to perform in the best clubs and parties in different countries and cities, such as Paris, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Punta del Este, among others, sharing the DJ booth with renowned local and international DJs.
Throughout his career he has been a resident of different parties and cycles, including radio shows, podcasts, and streaming, which were conducted in several of these cities.
He is working as Artist Representative for the label “Ottavia”, an upcoming project based in Hungary, which is looking to edit several artists from the international scene in vinyl.
He is also working as Artist Representative for “Vegetal Vigilance”, an Argentinian label, and he also founded and manages the label “Forgot my Records”, to focus in upcoming underground artists which are loyal to the label’s sound.
Currently working on several personal projects and remixes with artists and labels featuring the most renowned exponents of the international scene.

Discografía seleccionada Groove Circus

VVR008 / Groove Circus & Nick Batik - Tolle EP / Vegetal Vigilance (AR) / Digital
WR003 / Groove Circus & Manu Oubiña - Kreek EP / We Records (AR) / Digital
IRL001 / VA - La Familia LP / Isolated Record Label (GE / SP) / Digital
AU004II / VA - 02 LADO B LP / Astelagüel (GE / UY) / Digital
LER001 / VA - Anniversary Album LP / Legal Eis Records (GE / UY) / Digital

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